New Jersey dog, Sammy, alerts paramedics to save his owner

Source: NJ

It was at night when two women walking past an apartment building stopped to chat. They were on their nightly walk when they heard the incessant barking of a dog coming from one of the apartments.

It was Sammy, the New Jersey dog who was frantically trying to get help. The dog was signalling the women. That is what the police officers believe. They believe that the dog heard the woman talking and wanted to get their attention.

When the dog’s barking didn’t sound a warning, Sammy used his paw to break the glass window next to the door. Hearing the glass shatter and seeing blood, the women came closer to inspect the matter.

The women were Melanie and Nicole, both 23 years old. Melanie was the daughter of one of the neighbours in the building. Looking at the shattered glass, barking dog, and blood, she called her mom, who advised her to call the police.

Melanie did just that and the police came. When no one answered the door, they barged in and saw an elderly woman lying by the bathroom floor, breathing, but not in any condition to move or stand.

The police did not find food or water for the dogs and so it appears that the woman had been lying there for days.

The paramedics were called and they confirmed that Sammy had, in fact, alerted the two women outside to save his owner’s life!

The elderly woman is now in the hospital recovering from an unknown illness. Her two dogs and one cat were taken into foster care. But Sammy was experiencing separation anxiety and wouldn’t stop barking. Since it wasn’t fair to the other pets in the home, Sammy and his buddies are now Paramus Animal Shelter awaiting their owner’s return.

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New Jersey dog, Sammy, alerts paramedics to save his owner

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