How to train a dog not to chew on shoes and furniture

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All puppies go through a time in which they chew everything. However, this does not mean owners should settle for finding gnawed shoes and furniture. This is a natural behavior since dogs explore the world around them through their mouths.  But dogs are trainable and can be taught not to chew on things.

The following are simple steps that you could take to train your dog to stop the chewing sessions.

Go to the vet.  This is simply to rule out any condition that might be causing your dog to chew on things. Poor diets or nutritional deficiencies can lead to a dog chewing on anything out of pure pica. Nausea can also be a reason for chewing.  This could indicate some gastrointestinal disease.

Be calm. At the moment of finding the culprit with the corpus delicti, remain calm.  Do not try to snatch the object away from the dog.  Instead, call your dog or tap on its head in such a way that it loses attention on the object.  Displaying your anger with the dog could make matters worse. It could actually upset your dog and make him run to find something else to chew to calm himself down.

Teach your dog.  You can discourage your dog to chew inappropriate things and encourage him to chew appropriate things.  When you have made the puppy release the object of chewing, you should still scold him. Redirect his attention to chewing other objects.  You can find chewable toys in pet stores everywhere. When your dog chews on his toy, praise him to make him understand that it is appropriate behavior. Sometimes, it is still hard to deter a dog from chewing something if a pattern has already been acquired. You could try applying unpleasant flavors to the objects, such as vinegar.

Spend time with your dog.  Dogs will sometimes chew out of boredom or because they have excess energy. Spend some play time with your dog.  This will make him too tired to direct excess energy to chewing and will also strengthen the human-animal bond.

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How to train a dog not to chew on shoes and furniture

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